‘Adventures with Deanne’ – Review by Nicole Wilson

I would highly recommend anyone looking into yoga classes, or a yoga retreat to check out Deanne and one of her many options. I have participated in some of her Hot Flow classes at ‘That Yoga Place’ and participated in the 3rd Annual Rocky Mountain Yoga retreat in July 2017 that she co-hosted in Canmore, Alberta. Deanne’s classes are upbeat, fun, and provide challenge. I always feel like I’ve conquered something when I leave after an hour with her, whether it be a mental or physical step. One can only imagine how I felt after leaving a weekend retreat with her. I participated in the Canmore retreat in 2017 with a friend and loved it so much that I have registered for the 2019 Canmore Retreat with my mother. I am so excited to share this experience with her that Deanne has created. Yes, it is a weekend of fresh air, nature, and yoga. However, I found it so much more that. I hiked the Ha Ling summit with Deanne and the group. It was so worth the view and the work to get up there. The feeling of reaching the summit is indescribable – especially for myself when 2017 had been a trying year for myself. I hold that feeling close, and to this day, the picture of my standing arms wide open on Ha Ling, is one of my favorite photos. I can’t thank Deanne enough for that moment, and I can’t wait to share it with my mom this June. If you are swaying between joining Deanne for a retreat, or simply a class – I strongly suggest it.