IMG_0487Whether you are a beginner to both surf and yoga, a seasoned yogi who wants to learn to surf, or a surfer ready to learn the foundations of yoga, or deepen your current practice, Leah draws on yogic movement based principles to enliven your experience of moving meditation, aka surfing. Surfing since teenagehood, Leah is gifted in her ability to meet each student where they are, and build a challenging yet (super!) fun experience from that place.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Leah is a yoga teacher with over 1000+ teacher training hours, and 18 years teaching/practicing experience. Initially focused on Ashtanga Yoga and Mysore practice, Leah later shifted to deeper study in the Anusara, and Iyengar lineages, as well as Shamata-vipassana meditation. She currently blends her years of practice a into a gentle yet vigorous Hatha flow, and meditation class.

Certifications: Paddle Canada Certified Advanced SUP Instructor, Registered Open Water Lifesaver (Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross), and a Surf instructor, so you’ll feel safe and cared for in the water with Leah.