Through the practice of yoga, I have gained clarity and a deep understanding of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self in any given moment, both on and off the mat. Over ~10 years of practice has led me to over 600hrs of YTT in Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa. The Rocket is one of my go-to’s because the practice is always adaptable to suit how I feel, and encourages play and creativity – I can add/change/rearrange/modify the practice however I want/need in that particular moment, whether that means I amp it up or dial it down – this sustains me for a lifetime of practice. My hope is that all yogis will find their way to these elements of the practice, regardless of what style/system/studio/teacher of yoga you follow! Yoga has taught me the importance of awareness in the present moment, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing flows of life.

Whenever I can, I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, and/or visiting friends and family across the globe! Wherever I am in the world, you can probably catch me in good company taking in all the best food and drinks and music, playing on my hands upside down, and doing yoga!